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 "Photography got to be felt first, it is something you should carry inside your heart. The perfect photograph to me is the one that takes you away into sweet memories, makes you dream again!"


This is me Desislava,

a young photographer who is always in search for the beauty around.

Did you ever had that feeling of timelessness - it is in all those moments like when you jump into the summer ocean screaming... or in the spring songs of the lake's frogs... or in the salty air gently ruffling your hair... or in the hot summer sunsets. Simply the perfect photograph could be so close and so far from you. This is what I desire - to seal all those beautiful, crazy, young years of our lifes into the perfect photographs so  we can  go back and  back and experience  it again!

I've learn from the best in that field to create my unique style. Bachelor in Fine arts, South-West University, Bulgaria, Europe



It   will  be  an  honor  to  work  with  you  on  your  most important  project!




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